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Friday, October 8, 2010 4 Comment(s)

Assalamualaikum..:)'s really2 great greeting to all of u..waaa....pretty long time i haven't update this blog! how lazy i am..*sigh*....

Nothing much to's juz about LOVE LETTER...

Within these days, i felt like i lost my own way of's not really i 'lost' the way but the fact is the way is becoming more n more difficult! full with challenges n obstacles that i should face everyday! well, of course study is one of those problems...hmmm...

Thinking about the problems, i really2 need someone that can hear and give me some advices, yeah, really2 need somebody...nadiah, cmmon, u have HIM! *reallly?*... nadiah2..what had happened to u? you do have HIM!

Bingo! that's the point! I HAVE HIM...:)..

I already got a compilation of LOVE LETTERS from HIM! what should i do? do read it time by time, nadiah!!!! yes, i should read those love letters...

"Verily, after each difficulties there's a relief"

Reading this verse, making my heart calm n making my spirit burning with the true meaning of JIHAD! yes, He always there for me, n of course for u too, my friend..:)...i really looking forward, imagining what He had provided for me in the NEXT LIFE, Jannatul Firdaus, perhaps, though i'm not worthy for it, but the point is i'm trying n struggling to be a very2 truly servant n soldier of Him..

That's only one sentence from those LOVE LETTERS, exiting rite? that's why once i read each word and sentence of the LOVE LETTERS, i feel like i do making a conversation with sweet He is...He never ever let His lovers in sadness n depression...who are HIS LOVERS? it's me! n of course all of u, my friends..:)..

Once i feel depress, sad n feel like no one i can turn to, i ask myself back...'do u really not have someone to turn to?'....n my soul loudly answer, 'u do have HIM!' u want to talk with Him? if u want to talk with Him, u must pray n say u want to hear He talk to u? if u want to hear He talk to u, u must read His LOVE LETTERS, al-Quran!! tahzan, innallaha ma'ana... He is really THERE for u! believe it or not?

Make Al-Quran as Your Love Letter

Believe me, Allah's LOVE LETTERS compilation is the BEST BALM!!!

Do not turn to anyone, but HIM..:)
Bear in your mind, Allah is always be THERE...

p/s : I really wanna write this in Arabic, but maybe next other post, INSYAALLAH..:)

written by,
His LOVER...:)

May Allah Bless <3

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